MISSION:  Located in a quiet neighborhood of Oak Creek, WI, you will find Eliana Homes.  This Adult Family Home is designed to provide a safe, loving, home environment for older adults where exceptional care is given to meet the individual needs with respect, dignity and compassion.

VISION:  To support the residents and their families in their choice for provision of care, by building strong partnerships with the residents, their families / guardians and with the community support systems.

PHILOSOPHY / CORE VALUES:   Integrity, Dignity, Professionalism, Compassion, Serving our Community

Who we serve:  Older adults with unique needs for short term or long term placement. Treatment or services above the level of room and board, including minimal amount of skilled nursing care is provided.  Target population:Developmentally Disabled, Advanced Age, Physical disabilities,Irreversible Dementia/Alzheimer's-type, Ambulatory/Semi-ambulatory, Terminally Ill, Respite. 

8945 S. 11th Ave   Oak Creek, WI                              

Let us support you in your assisted living needs and be your extended family!

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